Theft of the Dial: Alan Sparwawk (Of Low and Retribution Gospel Choir)

Guitarist and Singer for Low Alan Sparhawk
Guitarist and Singer for Low Alan Sparhawk (Nate Ryan)
Theft of the Dial with Alan Sparhawk
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Alan Sparhawk is now a member of two bands from MN. Most recently, he's been known for his work in Retribution Gospel Choir, who played Rock The Garden this summer. But he's perhaps still best known for Low, the quintessential slowcore band from Duluth that he forned in '93 with his wife Mimi. They've put out a dozen releases, and they recorded a new one over this summer that will be out in the spring of 2011.

When he stopped by The Current for a Theft of the Dial session with Mark Wheat, he talked about the process of recording..."it's almost as humiliating as writing and twice as confusing." And about the joy of having two of his songs covered by Robert Plant. He played some of his early influences, including gospel, punk and reggae (which he really loves)!

He's actually got his FCC license to be a DJ, which he did in college and a few times to fill in on a station in Duluth. Now we have him filling in for us! Enjoy another TOTD with Alan Sparhawk...


Roy Orbison "Running Scared"

Pere Ubu "Final Solution"

Mavis Staples "You're Not Alone"

Staples Singers "I'm Coming Home"

Delroy Wilson "This Life Let Me Wonder"

Husker Du "Green Eyes"

Gillian Welch "Miss Ohio (ragtop down)"