Ron Sexsmith performs in The Current studios

Ron Sexsmith performs "Love Shines" in The Current studio. (MPR Video / Nate Ryan)
Ron Sexsmith performs in The Current studios
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Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith has been playing music since 1978 and has been releasing albums for twenty years, so it's no surprise that he's garnered substantial recognition from both critics and audiences. Still, he's reached a point that few musicians get to while still at the height of their powers: becoming the subject of a documentary. "Love Shines," a 2010 film that premiered at last fall's Vancouver International Film Festival.

"Love Shines," named after a Sexsmith song that he released as a single earlier this winter, chronicles both Sexsmith's career to date and the recording process for his new album, "Long Player Late Bloomer." The album came out on March 1, and Sexsmith recently stopped by The Current studios to talk about the album and his career and to play us a few songs.

Songs played: "Get In Line," "Love Shines" and "No Help At All."