Little Man performs in The Current Studio

Little Man - Found is a Passion (MPR / Nate Ryan)
Little Man performs in The Current studio
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Though Chris Perricelli originally hails from Massachusetts, it wasn't until he moved to Chicago that he formed his current band Little Man. After the band moved to the Twin Cities next and built a reputation by constantly touring and gigging around town, City Pages named them the Best Rock Band of 2007.

Little Man decided to keep it simple this time around, producing Orbital Amusement, with the help of local production studio Z. Vex Effects. With his moustache, long hair, and classic rock and roll inspired by the Kinks, David Bowie, and T. Rex, Perricelli looks and sounds like he stepped straight out of the 1970s.

Songs Performed: "Gorrilla Fighter," "Megaphone," and "Found is a Passion."

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