Trivia quiz: You think you know Prince?


Legendary musician Prince has amassed quite the mythology -- can you separate fact from fiction? (Courtesy of the artist)

How much do you know about local legend Prince? Take The Current's Prince quiz and see how your knowledge of the Purple One stacks up!

Read Barb Abney's review of Jason Draper's book Prince: Chaos, Disorder and Revolution to catch up on your background knowledge, then dive in to the quiz!

Book Review: Prince: Chaos, Disorder and Revolution

I always thought I knew quite a bit about Prince. But there are people in this world who make my trivial knowledge seem well... trivial.

When I started reading Prince: Chaos, Disorder and Revolution, I was blown away by the amount of in-depth information that this book collected from the many various times in Prince's life and career. I most enjoyed learning more nuggets of information about his younger days, growing up here in Minnesota. From an outside perspective, what seemed like an overnight meteoric rise to fame actually took a bit of time and fine-tuning to achieve. Inside you'll find pictures which few had seen before and the most comprehensive timeline of Prince's life that has been written to-date.

This book is like an encyclopedia entry chock full of the most thorough and vivid details of anything I have ever read about "The Purple One."