Glasvegas performs live in The Current studio

Glasvegas - I Feel Wrong (MPR / Nate Ryan)
Glasvegas performs live in The Current studio
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The famously Scottish four-piece Glasvegas (you don't have to listen hard to hear those Glasgow accents) has been called the next step in UK rock evolution after the Libertines and the Arctic Monkeys. Short-listed for the 2009 Mercury Prize, Glasvegas frontmen and cousins James and Rab Allan hope their lush, emphatic arena rock and emotionally dramatic songwriting inspire fans at their live shows to "lose their inhibitions, get a little bit inebriated, have some romance with a stranger."

In this session, James Allan sat down with Mary Lucia to discuss and play two of the love songs he's written and cover a Queen song.

Songs performed: "I Feel Wrong," "Stronger Than Dirt" and "I'm Going Slightly Mad."