My Morning Jacket performs live at Rock the Garden

'One Big Holiday.' (MPR)
My Morning Jacket - Rock the Garden 2011
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Rock the Garden headliners My Morning Jacket are one of the last decade's greatest indie rock acts, and we were thrilled to have them perform. The band brushed aside the bad weather and delivered a blistering set of their trademark psychedelic indie-Americana. Drawing heavily on their just-released album Circuital, the band also delved deep into their catalog, playing tunes from as far back as their breakthrough third LP, 2003's awesome It Still Moves.


Victory Dance



Off the Record

First Light


Wonderful (The Way I Feel)

Outta My System

I'm Amazed

Holdin' On To Black Metal

Steam Engine


Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt. 2

One Big Holiday

Songs Available in the Audio

Wonderful (The Way I Feel)

I'm Amazed

Holdin On To Black Metal

Touch Me I'm Going To Scream

One Big Holiday

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