Theft of the Dial: Ira Glass

Ira Glass
Ira Glass (Stuart Mullenberg)
Theft of the Dial - Ira Glass
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  • Theft of the Dial - Ira Glass 40:57
  • An extended conversation with Ira Glass 08:35

Ever wonder what makes the host of one of public radio's most beloved shows tick? What tunes he might play if given an hour to control the decks? Well wonder no more. Ira Glass sat in the studio with Steve Seel for an extended session of Theft of the Dial, and you'll be surprised at what you might hear... (hint, it might include a collaboration with a certain famous cousin of his).

Plus, check out the additional conversation Ira and Steve had about choosing the music for This American Life and the supposed media bias in public radio.

Ira's playlist:

Lady Gaga, "Poker Face" Live at the BBC

Kristy Kruger, "This Is Now"

(Ira's cousin) Philip Glass and Ira Glass, "Witchita Vortex Sutra"

Video/song unavailable.

OK Go, "Invincible"

Greg Giraldo, "You Got AIDS Yo"

Video/song unavailable.

S.E. Rogie, "Mister Please Go Easy With Me"