Viva Voce performs in The Current studios

Viva Voce - We Don't Care (Live on 89.3 The Current) (MPR / Nate Ryan)
Viva Voce performs in The Current studios
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Kevin and Anita Robinson are a husband and wife team that call Portland, Ore. home. They have been playing together for over 15 years as both Viva Voce and as part of Blue Giant. The band was in town for a show on the U of M Campus last week, and they dropped in for a very special, rare acoustic set.

We discussed the inspiration for their new record, The Future Will Destroy You, which came to them while out on the road with The Dandy Warhols; how they divvy up recording and performance responsibilities; and the backstory of how Kevin injured himself while they were out on the road with The Shins in 2009, which kept him from playing drums for many months.

We began our interview segment with some discussion of Big Star and Alex Chilton after they played a cover of the Big Star tune "13." They also played "Analog Woodland Song" and "We Don't Care."