Nick Lowe performs live in The Current studio

Nick Lowe
Nick Lowe (Dan Burn Forti)
Nick Lowe performs in The Current studios
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Nick Lowe is kind of an enigma. Probably more well-known for the hit songs he has composed rather than his name, it's still easy to discern that he has a reputation in the music world, and a big one at that.

His last album in 2007, entitled At My Age, could be taken as an ode to his extensive career, and Lowe shows no signs of slowing down. This year marks his return with The Old Magic, continuing his exploration of new wave rock. With a career under his belt that started in the mid-70s, the conveyer of cool is back in action.

Nick Lowe stopped by our studios for a short chat and to play a few songs.

Songs played: "Sensitive Man," "Rome Wasn't Built In A Day" and "Somebody Cares For Me."