Doomtree Performs Live in the UBS Forum

Doomtree performs "Bangarang" live in the UBS Forum at 89.3 The Current. (MPR / Nate Ryan)
Doomtree performs live in the UBS Forum
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Doomtree's members have all been featured in the spotlight for their solo projects, but it has become a rare sight to see the collective perform together in recent years. So when their newest album No Kings was announced, people in the Twin Cities were understandably buzzing about the idea of more group collaboration in a live setting.

They stopped by the UBS Forum to kick off the release, on the heels of major nationwide recognition. Mashing together their individual fortes and genre-crossing, Doomtree has solidified their reputation for hard-hitting and smart lyrics and beats.

You can check out some additional content with our slideshow of the performance as well as a video of Mark Wheat interviewing the collective.

Songs performed: "The Grand Experiment," "Beacon," "Little Mercy," "Bolt Cutter," and "Bangarang."

Local Current Vol. 2
This performance is a part of Local Current Vol. 2, a compilation of local in-studios recorded at The Current in 2011.

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