Erik Tasa performs in The Current studio

Erik Tasa
Erik Tasa performs in The Current studio. (Andrea Swensson)
Erik Tasa In-Studio Performance
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You may know Erik Tasa as a member of The Rockford Mules, a more raucous project compared to the quiet, contemplative tones of his newest solo release Ballad Of A Winter Beard.

A mostly acoustic affair, this collection of songs is a reflection of family and love. It's the result of a musician looking to get back to the basics like Tasa explored during recordings prior to the formation of his current powerhouse rock band. While the typical singer-songrwriter set-up has a history of seeming burnt-out, Tasa's execution is fully realized with a perfect amount of flourish to distinguish each track from one another.

Songs performed: "Sleep Between States," "Ballad Of A Winter Beard," and "Ain't My Home"

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