Cursive performs in The Current studios

Cursive (Photo courtesy of the artist)
Cursive In-Studio
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Cursive is a true genre-definer. The Omaha-based band has explored a post-hardcore sound and its fringes since the mid '90s, a precursor to what would become popular in the years to come. Longtime members of Saddle Creek Records (Bright Eyes, Land of Talk), they're back with their seventh release I Am Gemini, a highly conceptual affair which still manages to pull in new listeners alongside their veteran fans.

With a storyline which includes angels, demons, twins and more, the record was conceived in full before the recording process even began. It marks a new and impressive route for Cursive who keep managing to push themselves into new territory.

Songs performed: "This House Alive," "The Cat and Mouse," and "A Red So Deep"