The Current on Slacker Radio

What is Slacker Radio? How does it work? Here's a brief explanation. (Video by Slacker Radio)

The Current has partnered with the interactive internet radio service Slacker Radio to bring you a whole new way to experience our unique mix of music. Visit The Current's station on Slacker Radio's site and explore what we have to offer with this new service, which combines the hand-picked music and personality of The Current with the personalized and customized experience of Slacker Radio.

Watch a video about Slacker Radio, and read below for questions and answers about how the service works.

Happy listening!


How will this be different from the music stations already on Slacker Radio?

If you're a big music fan, you will probably like a lot of what the Current plays. Based in rock, but incorporating the best in hip hop, reggae, soul, punk and alternative, The Current selects the best music from a variety of eras and genres to create a unique soundtrack for music lovers everywhere.

Why will people outside of Minnesota care about The Current?

They already do! The Current has tens of thousands of listeners outside of Minnesota and followers from all over the globe. The reason is because The Current is unique — there is no other radio station that combines the mix of musical discovery and celebration through curation the way The Current does.

Why is The Current going to be on Slacker Radio?

Internet radio is a rapidly growing platform for accessing audio content. We think this is a great opportunity to expose emerging music artists to new audiences while also bringing The Current to new audiences and platforms. The Current often hears from listeners in other parts of the country, "I wish we had a station like The Current here," and working with Slacker Radio enables them to get closer to being able to experience that.

What role will local music play on The Current on Slacker Radio?

Because of the depth of The Current hosts' music knowledge, The Current station on Slacker Radio will be able to highlight great emerging artists from around the country, as well as feature the best music out of Minnesota, past and present.

Besides a music stream, what will be available on The Current?

Our goal will be to incorporate many of the programming features that make The Current an exciting listening experience. You will hear some of The Current's specialty programs, such as: New Hot™, a weekly preview of albums being released the next week; Musicheads® Essentials, where Current hosts pick essential albums from their collections and tell you why they love it; and live performances recorded in The Current's studios.

Why aren't you putting the regular live Current stream onto Slacker Radio?

There are many complex legal issues related to music rights that occur if we directly stream The Current onto Slacker Radio. We are also creating a product more tailored to a national audience.

Why did you decide to put your content on Slacker Radio?

American Public Media is committed to making its indispensible content as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. Internet radio is a rapidly growing platform for accessing audio content, and represents an important opportunity for exposing our content to new audiences and expanding access to our content via new platforms.

Where can I Access The Current on Slacker Radio?

In addition to desktop browsers, Slacker Radio is available on the following devices: BlackBerry, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Palm webOS, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7, Nokia, Sony, Sonos, Logitech, Acoustic Research, Roku. Automobiles: Ford and Tesla.

Try out The Current on Slacker Radio! »

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