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Atmosphere’s Slug turns 40 today, plays the Cabooze tonight

by Andrea Swensson

September 07, 2012

It's no secret that Atmosphere and The Current have a history that goes all the way back to the birth of the station. When KCMP re-launched as The Current on January 24, 2005, it was Atmosphere's hidden track "Say Shh" from Seven's Travels that introduced the station to the world. And in the seven and a half years since, Slug has visited the station numerous times to record in-studio sessions and interviews.

In honor of Slug's 40th birthday today and Atmosphere's big gig at the Cabooze Outdoor Plaza tonight, here's an audio-visual look at the group's evolution throughout the station's history.

October 2005

With You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having just released, Slug brought Ant and Crescent Moon into the studio to perform a few songs and chat with Mary Lucia. Songs played were "Always Coming Back Home to You," "Panic Attack," "Smart Want Crazy," and "Say Hey There."

Slug's first interview question from Mary Lucia: "So, have you ever had a panic attack?"


April 2008

With another album out, When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Sh*t Gold, Slug returned to the studio with guitarist Nate Collis and singer Mankwe Ndosi (who was actually just in the studio herself promoting her excellent new solo album), once again talking to Mary Lucia. Songs performed: "Guarantees" and "Not Another Day."


June 2008

Not long after that in-studio session, Slug appeared alongside Brother Ali at the Current's "Fakebook" with Chuck D. Here's Slug performing "Not Another Day" with Nate Collis:

And Slug freestyling with Brother Ali:


April 2011

Another album, another in-studio. This time Slug brought a full band into the studio to perform songs off his latest full-length, The Family Sign. Songs performed: "If You Can Save Me Now," "The Last To Say," and "I Don't Need Brighter Days."


February 2012

After three sessions with Mary Lucia, the Current changed it up a bit and had Slug talk to Morning Show hosts Steve Seel and Jill Riley. With no new album to promote, Atmosphere used the opportunity to play some older songs, including "Blamegame" and "The Abusing of The Rib," in addition to newer track "Became."

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