Beth Orton performs in The Current studio

Beth Orton live
Beth Orton performs in The Current studio (MPR / Nate Ryan)
Beth Orton performs live in The Current's studio
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English singer-songwriter Beth Orton is back with her fifth studio album — her first in six years — Sugaring Season. A lot can happen in six years. Since the release of Comfort of Strangers in 2006, the electro-folk artist married musician Sam Amidon and gave birth to a son and daughter.

As is to be expected, raising two children has impacted the songwriting process for Orton. Her process has become more focused as she increasingly has to manage her time.

While in town for a Wednesday show at the Varsity Theater, Beth Orton stopped by The Current studios to perform a few songs and chat with Steve Seel about songwriting with kids, the inspiration behind her new songs and working with producer Tucker Martine.

Songs Performed: "Magpie," "Candles" and "Conceived."