The xx perform in The Current studio

The xx
Inventive indie-pop trio the xx. (Photo by Jamie-James Medina)
The xx perform in The Current studio
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London's the xx established themselves with a stunning self-titled debut in 2009, welding sleekly contemporary indie dream-pop and hushed post-punk, with inflections of dance music and R&B. After the widespread acclaim and success of that album on both sides of the pond, the band were vaulted into indie superstar status and found themselves touring and playing festivals.

Despite this whirlwind of activity, the trio's sophomore album, Coexist, finds the band keeping their sound intimate and humble, building only incrementally on the steady musical foundation of xx. However, their songwriting and lyricism has grown to reflect stronger shades of nuance and emotional texture.

Currently touring the U.S. in support of the album, the xx stopped by The Current studios to chat with David Campbell and play a few songs.

Songs played: "Chained," and "Sunset" and "Fiction."

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