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Prince brings ‘RNR Affair’ to life on Jimmy Kimmel Live

by Andrea Swensson

October 24, 2012

Prince brought his best new song in years to the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, performing "RNR Affair" (alternatively titled "Rock 'n' Roll Love Affair") for a crowd of camera phone-wielding fans.

If you're a Current listener you'll recognize "RNR Affair" as the new Prince song the station has had in rotation since it debuted last month. The lyrics of the song seem to find Prince in a more laid-back, affable mood; his recent television appearances (and the fact that they're still on YouTube!) also suggest that the Purple One may be loosening the stranglehold he's had on his image and art in recent years in favor of a little fun.

In addition to "RNR Affair," Prince also pulled out a rare '80s R&B hit that he wrote for onetime protégé and bassist André Cymone, "The Dance Electric." The timing of that nod is certainly apt, since Cymone recently resurfaced with a new song, "">America," written to raise money for Barack Obama's campaign. Watch footage of Prince performing "The Dance Electric" here.

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