Zebulon Pike performs at the Mcnally Smith Soundbite Series

Zebulon Pike
Zebulon Pike (BAND)
Zebulon Pike - McNally Smith Soundbite Series
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As part of our ongoing collaboration with McNally Smith across the street from MPR headquarters, we're pleased to share another installment of their Soundbite Series hosted by David Campbell.

This week, the spotlight is on prog-doom metal band Zebulon Pike. Since forming in 2004, the act has contributed a unique sound to the Twin Cities musical landscape that often goes overlooked.

For this performance, the group played four songs and chatted with David about how people perceive them and how they log and expand their ideas. There's also a good story in the mix about house finches that lends a particular light on the band's creative process.

Songs performed: "Introduction, "Space Is The Corpse Of Time," "Howl Of Wicka" and "In Blood Is Passion"

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  • Zebulon Pike perform in The Current Studio After forming in 2002 and discarding more metal sounding names, members of Zebulon Pike found that the name of the early American explorer was the best fit for their blend of instrumental prog-doom metal. Since then Zebulon Pike have won numerous awards including City Pages "Best New Band of 2004," Best Hard Rock Group" and "Best Hard Rock Recording" at the 2004 Minnesota Music Awards.