David Byrne creates building-sized instrument with Peter Remes

David Byrne
David Byrne visited Minnesota Public Radio to talk about his art installation ARIA: Play the building. (MPR Photo / Nate Ryan)
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David Byrne is back in town, but this time he'll be sitting back and letting us make the music. Alongside Peter Remes, founder of First & First Creative Real Estate, Byrne is bringing Play The Building to Minnesota.

Play The Building is a art installation that focuses on old buildings and allows visitors to "play" the building through an organ that has wires attached that, in turn, ping, bang and vibrate different parts of the building to create a sound.

Play the Building
Art installation at the Aria building in the Minneapolis warehouse district. (Aria Minneapolis)

The Current's Morning Show sat down with Peter Remes and David Byrne to chat about how the project came into fruition, why Minnesota was the chosen location for Byrne's most recent project and what the heck we can expect from Play the Building.

What does it sound like?

Hear "play the building."

Where is it?

Play the Building

Aria (formerly Theater de la Jeune Lune)

105 N. First Street

Minneapolis, MN

Nov. 5 - Dec. 5

Saturday Play Day

Sat. November 10th

2 - 10pm

2 p.m. - Danny Sigelman (Secret Stash Records) & Jon Davis
(Ghostband/Something Else)

4 p.m. - Michael Barone and Friends

5 p.m. - The Threat of a Banjo with Jim McGuinn from the Current &

6:30 p.m. - Mark McGee and Friends

8 p.m. - Andrea Swensson (Local Current Blog) and Friends