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If you've ever seen a live Dan Deacon show, you know just how much creative power he has over his audience. As soon as the first note drops, the floor becomes mayhem, turning into a ritualistic affair. Deacon's music invokes a wide variety of emotions, but first and foremost his music elicits uninhibited joy. His process and love for audience participation translates from stage to record, and even with his recent performance for The Current, it's difficult for your body not to pulsate with the rhythm.

Deacon is newly signed to Domino Records, and America is his first release for the label. As the title suggests, it is much about his identity as an American within the vast landscape we inhabit. As he says in a foreword on his website, "America is a word with an infinite range of connotations, both positive and negative. Even its literal definition is open to discussion." America is more an orchestration than several songs with distinct beginnings and ends. The album is a journey from east to west and everything inbetween.

Songs performed: "Guilford Avenue Bridge," "Crash Jam" and "True Thrush"

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