Video: Early R.E.M. rocks Atlanta


R.E.M. at the 688 in Atlanta, GA opening for Joe 'King' Carrasco. The date would either be February 20 or 21, 1981. (MrLettuce/YouTube)

Recently posted to the glorious YouTube, this is a video of a VERY early set by R.E.M. from February of 1981, a full 18 months before the release of their Chronic Town EP.

With a mix of frantic covers and embryonic originals, it's a great glimpse into the very beginnings of one of our favorite bands. Worth the click just to catch the opening song -- a cover of Buddy Holly's "Rave On!"

Set List

0:00 (cuts in) Rave On

01:37 Burning Down

05:43 Dangerous Times

08:17 I Don't Want You Anymore

13:00 Get on Their Way

15:54 Different Girl

19:25 Permanent Vacation

21:44 White Tornado

23:53 Narrator

27:00 Wind Out

28:45 Gardening at Night

32:36 Mystery to Me

34:36 Radio Free Europe

Also for R.E.M. fans, they will be the featured artist this week on Teenage Kicks, but with a twist.

Since it's pretty much impossible to pick 4 random songs from a band with as much great music as R.E.M., this week we're going to highlight 4 of their covers, followed by other songs by the artists they covered. So we'll hear R.E.M. covering the Velvet Underground, then another song by the Velvet Underground. Get it? Might be the only time we'll play two songs by Pylon on the Current back to back... Tune in Saturday, Dec. 1 at 8 a.m. for Teenage Kicks.