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Theft of the Dial: Mike Doughty

  Play Now [38:07]

by Barb Abney and Mike Doughty

December 06, 2012

Mike Doughty
Singer-songwriter, author and friend of wookies Mike Doughty.
Courtesy of the artist / Photo by Andrew

Mike Doughty contains multitudes: Singer. Songwriter. Guitar player. Poet. Author. Playwright. Photographer. Most Improved Camper, West Point Youth Camp, 1982. He's released five solo albums, some EPs, a couple of live albums, a bunch of EDM tracks and remixes, a poetry book and a memoir about that time he was in a band and didn't like it and took a lot of drugs. Most recently, he released an album of covers, The Flip Is Another Honey, wherein he plays songs by John Denver, Cheap Trick and Stephen Sondheim.

While in town to perform at Wits, Mike Doughty stopped by The Current to hijack our airwaves and share his favorite tunes.


1. Mike Doughty — "Sunshine"

2. Jose Gonzales — "Down the Line"

3. Regina Spektor — "Carbon Monoxide"

4. Jovanotti — "Piove"

5. 9th Ward Marching Band — "Burnin' for You"

6. Thin Lizzy — "Dancing in the Moonlight"

7. Mike Doughty — "Country Roads"