Andrew Bird performs in The Current studio

Andrew Bird performs "Three White Horses" live in the studio on 89.3 The Current. (MPR / Nate Ryan)
Andrew Bird Performs in the Current studio
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2012 saw not one but two releases from prolific, Chicago-based indie-pop singer-songwriter Andrew Bird (who, it bears mentioning, is also frequent collaborator with Twin Cities musicians, such as Martin Dosh). In March, we welcomed Break It Yourself, his sixth full-length, continued to explore his clever songwriting, eclectic musicianship, and staggeringly inventive loop-based approach to playing and recording.

Earlier this fall, he released Hands of Glory, an eight-song companion album to Break It Yourself that often featured a more rustic, folksy take on his established sound and leaned heavily on covers of tunes by artists ranging from the legendary Townes van Zandt to Minneapolis' own Alpha Consumer.

Currently touring in support of Hands of Glory, Andrew Bird stopped by The Current studios before his December 17 First Ave gig to chat with Steve Seel and play a few songs.

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