Coffee Break on the Road: Animal Humane Society

Actual Wolf performs his song "Wild and Free" at the MN Animal Humane Society as part of the Coffee Break on the Road where The Morning Show brings coffee and a band to your workplace on the last Friday of the month. (MPR / Nate Ryan)

On the last Friday of every month The Current's Morning Show takes its Coffee Break on the road. Jill and Steve hop into The Current van and load it up with treats and coffee (graciously provided by Gigi's Cafe this month). They are also joined by a band or musician, and this month, Duluth singer-songwriter Actual Wolf joined in the fun.

Steve Seel hugging Dog
Steve getting some affection during the Coffee Break on the Road. (Nate Ryan / MPR)

The Morning Show hosts loves a good animal story, and the Animal Humane Society's winning entry gave them a great one. The crew at the Humane Society in Golden Valley created a video with the animals taking over the office and declaring their love for The Current. Once Steve and Jill saw the entry, they knew they had to visit.

Head to The Morning Show's Facebook Page for more photos.

Does your work place deserve the next Coffee Break on the Road? Be creative and let us know why, maybe next month we'll be visiting you.

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