New Hot: Next week's three must-hear albums

Mark Oliver Everett, better known by his moniker Eels, is a Twin Cities favorite prepping to release his 10th album "Wonderful, Glorious." (Courtesy of the artist)
New Hot - February 5, 2013
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This week on New Hot, read about a band who has collaborated with the likes of Camera Obscura and Arab Strap, a new project with ties to My Morning Jacket and an act who has had their music in over a dozen movies. These are our three recommended releases for Tuesday, February 5.

Eels — Wonderful, Glorious

Eels was everywhere in 2009 and 2010 when Mr. E released three albums in tandem with the publishing of his autobiography. It's hard to believe he's been off the circuit for three years, as we've come to expect a new release each time the calendar begins anew. Mark Oliver Everett is returning to the rockier side of things with Wonderful, Glorious, his 10th album, and one that marks a milestone for the much revered musician.

Eels: "New Alphabet" — Rate, Request or Recommend this song »

Jim James — Regions Of Light and Sound Of God

Jim James is known mostly as that bearded guy who fronts My Morning Jacket. But over the years, James' personality and spirituality has begun to get more attention than his primary band, so it was only natural that a solo album would be on the way. He's also no stranger to the Twin Cities, as My Morning Jacket performed at 2011's installment of Rock The Garden. It shouldn't be too long until he's back again.

Jim James: "Know Til Now" — Rate, Request or Recommend this song »

Frightened Rabbit — Pedestrian Verse

Scottish band Frightened Rabbit is a Midwest favorite, consistently selling out venues in the Twin Cities. They've made a movie and collaborated with the likes of Camera Obscura and Arab Strap, and now the band has been signed to a major label. For their fourth record, they're changing course: this is the first time that every member in the band has shared songwriting duties.

Frightened Rabbit: "The Woodpile" — Rate, Request or Recommend this song »