Ask the Program Director

Jim McGuinn
Jim McGuinn (Photo by Jayme Halbritter / Courtesy of City Pages)

How do decisions get made at The Current? Why do some songs get played and others don't? On February 26, we gave you a chance to have all your burning questions about The Current answered with another edition of Ask the Program Director.

Thanks for submitting your questions, and check out Jim's answers in the comments below! Keep an eye out for more chances to Ask the PD in the future.

About: Jim McGuinn joined the Current in January 2009 as Program Director and on-air host, moving to the Twin Cities from Philadelphia, and WXPN. From seeing the Clash for his first concert, Jim has been hooked on rock and roll -- and whether it was radio programming, playing bass, or even teaching university level courses like Rock and Roll Cinema and Radio History. (More about Jim McGuinn on his bio page.)

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