New music: James Blake's wounded soul-pop single "Retrograde"


"Retrograde," the first single from James Blake's forthcoming sophomore full-length. (James Blake)

Electronica wunderkind James Blake's self-titled 2011 debut fused the cutting-edge post-dubstep of his early EPs with desolate, soulful pop. Now, Blake has returned with a new single, "Retrograde," and a new album on the horizon later this spring.

"Retrograde," which you'll hear on The Current starting this week, builds on the avant-R&B of Blake's debut, but steers clear of the out-there electronic wrinkles that usually characterize his production. Built around dark, swelling synths and Blake's wounded soul vocals, the track signals good things to come from the young singer and producer on his sophomore full-length Overgrown, due out April 8.

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