New music: Jessie Ware's radiant, beguiling pop song "Wildest Moments"


Jessie Ware's single "Wildest Moments." (PMR Records)

You may recognize Jessie Ware's gorgeous, anthemic single "Wildest Moments" if you attended our public music meeting; it's one of the songs we tested out with listeners like you at that event that we've gone on to add to our on-air mix. Produced and co-written by Florence + the Machine collaborator Kid Harpoon, the track shows off Ware's brand of smart, soulful and utterly contemporary pop, which incorporates elements of R&B, electronic and indie rock.

Jessie Ware first came to prominence in her native UK on the strength of a string of radiant, beguiling singles—"Wildest Moments" among them—released in the lead-up to her debut full-length, Devotion. Last August, Devotion was released to widespread praise, stirring buzz among indie listeners in the US. Ware doesn't seem to be slowing down: only two months into 2013, she's already released a new EP, If You're Never Gonna Move, and has lined up European and North American dates for later this spring (none in the Twin Cities, though, sadly).