Transmission's Dirty Dozen: 12 videos you might see at Friday night's party

Transmission: Common People
Transmission celebrates 12 years as one of the Cities' premier dance parties with a special night of '90s music at First Avenue. (Courtesy of Jake Rudh)

Tonight, Jake Rudh celebrates 12 years of Transmission with a special party at the First Ave mainroom. For this rare weekend edition of Transmission, Jake's spotlighting '90s indie and alternative classics all night long (with music videos for every song!). To get us all psyched, he's picked out a handful of videos representing the many genres and subgenres he'll be playing. Check out the 12 tunes below for a sampling of the sounds you'll hear tonight—and in case you were worried, know that Jake has promised that there will be "absolutely no nu-metal."



Grunge/Hard Rock