Hounds of Finn and the Laws of Physics

Hounds of Finn in studio at Radio Heartland (Nate Lindstrom / Hounds of Finn)
Hounds of Finn
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"If you're going to play in Belfast, you gotta have a bodhran in the band." There's a song in there somewhere, yes?

The Hounds of Finn play Celtic music. Let's just start with that. But there's more to them than the yearly gigs on St. Patrick's Day. Sure, they have a real Irishman in the band and yes, the instrumentation would suggest they do reels and jigs. But their songs could, and DO live within other musical genres as well.

"Gravity Pulls" is the name of their latest album which was funded largely by their many fans in a "Kickstarter" campaign. The band took the time to explain their music and play some tunes in the Radio Heartland studios.