The National pay homage to Latvian band with video for 'Sea of Love'

Video for "Sea of Love" by The National from their record "Trouble Will Find Me" out May 21, 2013. (Sophia Peer / 4AD)

The National release their first proper video -- "Sea of Love" -- from their new record Trouble Will Find Me, which will be out May 21, 2013 on 4AD records.

The video shows them shoe-horned into a small room with stripped-down instrumentation and no mic stand, all of which serves to highlight the performance by the band. Except for the adorable kid who steps in and air-guitars through most of it.

2 big questions emerge from the video:

1) How will the guitarist Bryce Dessner ever get down from that shelf?


2) Is the air guitar kid -- Rivers Curry, we presume -- additive, (so cute!) or distracting (cute does not have a place in songs by The National)?

In their Reddit IAMA discussion, Matt Berninger pointed out that the video was an homage to this Latvian performance.

M- Actually there's one video that we all really love so we made this homage.

What do you think about the song? The video? Let us know in the comments.

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