Today in Music History: Ray Davies Leaves The Kinks

Kinks - Kinks-size
Album art for The Kinks's "Kink-Size" (Album Art)

History Highlight:

Today in 1973, induced by exhaustion and a falling-out with his wife, Ray Davies announced that he was departing The Kinks. After a week of rest, he changed his mind.

Also, Today In:

1986 - After 28 years, Columbia Records rather unceremoniously dropped Johnny Cash from their roster.

1989 - An estimated 200,000 turned out for a free Pink Floyd concert in Venice, Italy. The band performed on a floating stage while the masses of people watching the show damaged the city's centuries-old buildings and bridges.

2007 - The UK music industry reacted angrily at a decision to give away Planet Earth, the new album by Prince, in the Sunday newspaper and not in stores.


Linda Ronstadt is 68 today.

Ian Curtis, Joy Division singer, was born today in 1956.

Johnny Thunders, New York Dolls singer, was born today in 1952.