A Tribute to Smudge


Mary and Smudge
Mary and Smudge (Courtesy Mary Lucia)

We are sending our thoughts and love to Mary Lucia and her pug Smudge. They are making a very tough decision on Thursday after learning that Smudge requires another surgery from which she is not likely to bounce back.

For No Apologies, Mary played Claude Debussy's "Claire De Lune" because it is sweet and beautiful, just like Smudge.

We all know how difficult it can be to lose a beloved companion and best friend, please keep Mary and Smudge in your thoughts; if you care to leave a positive message for Mary and Smudge in the comments, please do.

Mary updated her Facebook status with loving detail about Smudge's situation and how they met:

It is with the heaviest heart I have ever had that I write to you dear friends, to say that my sweet and beautiful best friend Smudge and I are saying Goodbye tomorrow. As you know she has had a tough year. Spinal surgery last year to remove a cyst that they couldn't quite get all of. A year of Physical Therapy. She literally worked her tail off and I can't help but feel she did it all for me. She's simply too physically compromised to go through another surgery. Quality of life, has been my mantra this last week or so. She is simply too proud and special to struggle so.

At least once in everyone's life a person should get EXACTLY what they want. I got just that the day I met this magical little creature. I remember it like it was yesterday, she had been a breeder's "working girl" and not a family pet. She was sitting in her pen with 4 pups climbing all over her and she just gave me a look like "Mama needs a cocktail, get me the hell out of this brothel" I couldn't help but feel like I was "rescuing" her from a life she didn't deserve.

She has been my constant companion for years now and it's hard to imagine life before Smudge.

Pugs were bred in China as companions, they don't possess any mad skills. Unless you call snoring or hamming it up for the camera a mad skill. I have made my love for her public so often both on air and online that she has a public figure facebook page. She truly is the People's Pug. She will always be a part of me and hopefully you too.

If love could've saved you, you would live forever my darling girl.

R.I.P Smudge 8/05- 7/25/13

Mary has asked if there are donations for Smudge to send them to Secondhand Hounds.

It's OK, too, to send donations to MPR in Smudge's name.

17 Photos

  • Smudge the Pug
    Checkered sweater (Mary Lucia)
  • Smudge the Pug
    Behind the foliage (Mary Lucia)
  • Smudge the Pug
    Smudge (Mary Lucia)
  • Smudge the Pug
    Smudge (Mary Lucia)
  • Smudge the Pug with Mary Lucia
    Smudge the Pug with host Mary Lucia (Mary Lucia)
  • Smudge in green
    Smudge in green. (Courtesy Mary Lucia)
  • Couch
    Smudge looks over the couch. (Courtesy Mary Lucia)
  • Smudge and Mary
    Smudge and Mary (Courtesy Mary Lucia)
  • Panting
    Panting (Courtesy Mary Lucia)
  • Mary tells Smudge secrets
    Mary tells Smudge secrets (Courtesy Mary Lucia)
  • Smudge in stripes
    Smudge is stunning in stripes. (Courtesy Mary Lucia)
  • Smudge in polka dots
    Smudge in polka dots. (Courtesy Mary Lucia)
  • Stroller
    After Smudge's first spinal surgery, she got to ride in a snazzy Green stroller. (Courtesy Mary Lucia)
  • Smudge on the sidewalk
    Smudge on the sidewalk (Courtesy Mary Lucia)
  • Hide-and-Go-Smudge
    Hide-and-Go-Smudge (Courtesy Mary Lucia)
  • Smudge at The Current
    Smudge at The Current (Andrea Swensson)
  • Smudge watches Mary work
    Smudge watches Mary work her on-air shift. (Andrea Swensson)

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