New wave pioneer Adam Ant talks with Jake Rudh


New Wave pioneer Adam Ant
Adam Ant performs at Mill City Nights September 1, 2013. (Courtesy of the artist)
Transmission: Adam Ant Interview
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Many people only know Adam Ant as being a "one hit wonder." This is quite unfortunate, really, as the man is an institution in the world of pop-rock and alternative music.

Not only has Ant played different genres of music (punk, post-punk, new wave, pop, and indie), but he's also thrived within them.

His solo career and former band Adam and the Ants has landed him dozens of top ten hits including three #1 singles which resulted in nominations and wins at both the Grammy and BRIT Awards. And to top things off, Ant was recently labeled an "Icon" by Q Magazine.

After such a wild ride in the music industry, Adam took much of the '90s and '00s to focus on raising his daughter and building his acting career. He's back on the music scene with his first album in eighteen years, Adam Ant is The BlueBlack Hussar Marrying The Gunner's Daughter.

Transmission's Jake Rudh had a chance to chat with Adam Ant about the album (his sixth) and some of his most notable (and charming) exploits in time for his performance at Mill City Nights September 1.

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