The Pixies debut 'Indie Cindy'

"Indie Cindy," a surprise single release by The Pixies, was posted to YouTube on Monday, September 2, 2013. [Note: Language advisory] (The Pixies)

Although the Pixies have been playing and touring since reuniting in 2004, this week, they've released a four-song EP ("EP-1"), their first collection of new material in 22 years.

Today, The Current's Morning Show aired the radio edit of the track "Indie Cindy", one of the four songs off the new release.

According to The New York Times' Ben Sisario:

On "Indie Cindy," the band uses some of the sudden dynamic shifts that were its most recognizable signature. Mr. Thompson describes the track as a love song that reflects the anxiety of trying to seduce his audience all over again. "Indie Cindy, be in love with me," he sings. "I beg for you to carry me."

"It's all about self-doubt," Mr. Thompson explained. "It says to the audience: 'I don't know if this romance has still got what it needs to happen again. I don't know if you'll accept me; I don't know if I accept you. But we have this memory. Can we do it again?'"

The Pixies recorded the songs in Wales with producer Gil Norton. Founding bassist Kim Deal parted ways with the band shortly after recording got underway, but the remaining members persevered. Deal has since been replaced by Kim Shattuck.

The New York Times reports the Pixies' tour begins on Monday in Los Angeles, and most of the shows announced so far have sold out.

What do you think of 'Indie Cindy'? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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