9:30 Coffee Break: Chain Songs

Chain closeup
What chain songs should we play for the 9:30 Coffee Break? (Wikimedia Commons)

On this cloudy and dreary Monday, we're leaving the heavy lifting of the Coffee Break to you. Loran sent in a great suggestion for a theme. He wrote, "Before 'chains' makes people think about getting their car stuck in the snow; how about a coffee break for chain songs."

Thanks for the early morning suggestion Loran. What chain songs do you think we should play for today's 9:30 Coffee Break?

Songs Played:

Sam Cooke - "Chain Gang"

The Pretenders - "Back on the Chain Gang"

Hank Williams - "Take These Chains from my Heart"

The Beatles - "Chains"

Aretha Franklin - "Chain of Fools"

Fleetwood Mac - "The Chain"

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