Meg Hutchinson: "Beyond That"

Meg Hutchinson
Red House Records performing artist Meg Hutchinson (Stephan Hoglund)
Meg Hutchinson "Beyond That"
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There's a pleasant feeling one gets listening to Meg Hutchinson's newest album, Beyond That. She's never one to shy away from writing songs about deep emotions ranging from darkness to joy. But this album strikes a positive note ... like she's planted a seed that has begun to unfold into a beautiful blossom.

The album describes Meg's own personal journey out of depression and into a life of new possibilities and hope.

Meg Hutchinson stopped by the Radio Heartland studio to talk about and play songs off her latest album, Beyond That.

Songs Performed

"Yellow Room"
"When The Lights Went Down"
"Turned to You"
"Let's Go"

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