Arcade Fire debut 'Afterlife', rock The Colbert Report

Arcade Fire - Afterlife (lyric video) (Arcade Fire / Vevo)

Following a radio debut at BBC Radio 1, and a subsequent radio rip that keeps surfacing, Arcade Fire have released a lyric video for their new single 'Afterlife.'

In other Arcade Fire news: last night, under the guise of The Reflektors, the band performed "Normal Person" on The Colbert Report -- with a really creepy Stephen Colbert puppet head -- before removing their masks and rocking out.

And as a web exclusive, the band also performed "Afterlife" live on the Colbert Report stage.

If you're a die hard fan, the interview portion of the Colbert Report episode is amusing to, click through to watch it.

Between the television appearances and the surprise shows in Montreal and Brooklyn, the brothers Butler (and company) are road-testing all the songs from Reflektor (out Oct. 29); makes you wonder if there might be some bigger live reveal of the album in the works...

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