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Live From The Current Studio

Frank Turner performs live in The Current studios

Frank Turner performs "Recovery" with Matt Nasir live in The Current studios.
Frank Turner performs "Recovery" with Matt Nasir live in The Current studios.MPR / Nate Ryan
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by Mary Lucia, Frank Turner and Leah Garaas

October 29, 2013

Frank Turner - The Way I Tend To Be
by MPR
Frank Turner - Live and Let Die
by MPR
Frank Turner In-studio
by MPR

Folk singer-songwriter Frank Turner refreshed his musical palate when his band Million Dead and the post-hardcore music scene got purposely complicated. "The discovery for me was that you could be intense without having to scream at people," says Turner. Simply playing C, G and D was revolutionary to him.

Listen to the whole in-studio session to hear Mary Lucia chat with Frank about what band got him through boarding school with a certain royal prince, what a eucalyptus smelling Koala has to do with the "The Way I Tend To Be" single and what it was like performing with The Hold Steady at the Toronto Urban Roots Festival.

Songs Performed

"The Way I Tend To Be"
"Live and Let Die" (Wings/Guns n' Roses)

Original songs performed off Frank Turner's new album, Tape Deck Heart, out now on Interscope.

Hosted by Mary Lucia
Produced by Derrick Stevens
Engineered by Mike DeMark