Need a little more Lou Reed in your Tribe Called Quest?


Can I Kick It (On the Wild Side)?
For those who needed a little more "Lou" in the mix for A Tribe Called Quest's "Can I Kick It?" (MPR Graphic / Courtesy the artist)
Can I Kick It On the Wild Side? - Lou Reed/A Tribe Called Quest
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It sort of happened organically. I had "Walk on the Wild Side" and "Can I Kick It?" scheduled back-to-back in this week's Teenage Kicks Lou Reed tribute show.

Listening through it, the transition was a little weird, but the connection between the songs is so inextricable, we needed an edit on the Tribe Called Quest song's intro.

Production Manager Derrick Stevens did that, but then I guess got inspired to go a little further and make a remix. He did it just for fun, with no intention of it airing. When I heard it, though, I liked it so much that I decided to play it instead of what was scheduled.

We got some tweets and anecdotal feedback that listeners enjoyed it. A few people asked if they could hear it again, so here you go.

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