9:30 Coffee Break: Thankful Songs

Sister Sledge
What are you thankful for? Pick a song that best describes it and suggest it for the Coffee Break. (album cover art)

Thanksgiving is just a few short days away and since we won't be with you on Thursday we thought we'd check in with you today. In the past we've covered songs about being thankful, but today we want you to think about what you are thankful for and pick a song that best expresses your feelings (ex. if you are thankful for your family maybe "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge would be your request).

Get in the Thanksgiving mood a little early by suggesting a song that best fits what you are thankful for this year. Give us your suggestions and we'll put together a thankful Coffee Break.

Songs Played:

Atmosphere - "Shh" (Thankful for living in the Twin Cities)

Ian Dury - "Sex and Drugs and Rock n' Roll" (Thankful for the sordid things in life)

The Suburbs - "Love is the Law" (Thankful for the passage of the Marriage Amendment)

The Beatles - "I'm Only Sleeping" (Thankful for being able to sleep)

The Velvet Underground - "Rock N' Roll" (Thankful for music/ Lou Reed / rock n roll)

Madness - "Our House" (Thankful for a home and family)

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