Interview with FINNEGANS Jacquie Berglund: Reverse Food Truck

Reverse Food Truck design
Keep an eye out for the Reverse Food Truck. (FINNEGANS, Martin|Williams)
Conversation with FINNEGANS Jacquie Berglund
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Starting March 15th you be seeing a new food truck around town, but this one isn't selling food, instead you can drop off food for donation. FINNEGANS, the non-profit beer company, has been turning beer into food since 2000 and this summer they'll have their own drivable food-drive.

The Morning Show's Jill Riley sat down with FINNEGANS CEO Jacquie Berglund to learn a little bit more about the company, their mission, and what the Reverse Food Truck is all about.

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Find the Reverse Food Truck:

3/15 at Kieran's noon to 4pm
3/17 at Kieran's 8am-2pm