Frankie Teardrop performs in The Current's studio

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Frankie Teardrop performs "Stop" for The Local Show on The Current (MPR Video / Nate Ryan)
Frankie Teardop - Local Current Session
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After Frankie Teardrop and his band sound-checked their set in the Current's Maud Moon Weyerhaeuser studio, engineer Michael DeMark asked the trio to come back into the booth and listen to a playback, just to be sure he had the mix as they liked it. The three came back and listened to a two-minute blast of high-tempo, fuzzed-out, bawling garage rock with barely intelligible vocals and a growling guitar buzz drenched in reverb.

"Yep," said Frankie's drummer Gunnar. "Sounds great."

Frankie Teardrop is the mystery man of local rock 'n' roll--not least because the Minneapolis musician's biggest single is called "Chicago"--and his interview with the Current's Dave Campbell didn't do much to lift the veil that hides a man who says he wasn't born from any mother, he just "crawled out of a sewer pipe."

Mr. Teardrop did confirm that he's working on a new full-length record to follow his Tough Guy EP, and did not deny that he will be playing the Triple Rock Social Club on March 20​ with Howler and a new local supergroup called Whatever Forever.

"There's not much to tell, really," said Frankie when pressed for details about his origins. "I'm just kind of a dummy that got lucky and then got unlucky again and then bought a guitar. Well, actually, I'm going to retract the lucky."

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  • Jack Woolsey
    Bassist Jack Woolsey (MPR Photo / Nate Ryan)
  • Frankie Teardrop
    Frankie Teardrop (MPR Photo / Nate Ryan)
  • Frankie Teardrop
    Frankie Teardrop singing "Chicago" in The Current's studios. (MPR Photo / Nate Ryan)
  • Frankie Teardrop
    Dig those sunglasses. (MPR Photo / Nate Ryan)
  • Gunnar Kauth
    Frankie Teardrop drummer Gunnar Kauth (MPR Photo / Nate Ryan)
  • Frankie Teardrop
    Frankie Teardrop (MPR Photo / Nate Ryan)
  • Frankie Teardrop
    Frankie and his guitar on "Lines" (MPR Photo / Nate Ryan)
  • With David Campbell
    Frankie Teardrop poses with Local Show host David Campbell (left) and his band (right). (MPR Photo / Nate Ryan)