Web of Sunsets perform live in The Current Studios

Web of Sunsets perform their song "Wildflowers" for The Local Show, March 16, 2014 edition. (MPR Video / Nate Ryan)
Web of Sunsets perform in The Current studio
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According to their bio, Web of Sunsets' music inhabits the golden hour: the first or last hour of sunlight in any given day that imbues the world with a languid sense of ease. That may be some of the most perfect album liner prose, but it holds true. They brought their smoothed out, psychedelic country sound to The Local Show for a few songs from Room of Monsters and a conversation with David Campbell.

The band started out with Chris Rose and Sara Bischoff, (who play together in Heavy Deeds), having a need to play songs with a different mood from the Heavy Deeds sound. Sarah Nienaber from Gospel Gossip and Is/Is fleshed out the Web of Sunsets trio.

The band talked about making the album Room of Monsters essentially live — they tracked the songs together without overdubs — with Neil Weir at Old Blackberry Way, time travel and making records without sleeping.

Songs Performed:

Perfect Ghost
Room of Monsters

All songs are from Room of Monsters, which is out now on End of Time Records.

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6 Photos

  • Sara Bischoff
    Sara Bischoff and Chris Rose from Web of Sunsets (MPR Photo / Nate Ryan)
  • Nienaber's pedal board
    Nienaber's pedal board (MPR Photo / Nate Ryan)
  • Chris Rose
    Chris Rose of Web of Sunsets (MPR Photo / Nate Ryan)
  • Sara Bischoff
    Sara Bischoff (MPR Photo / Nate Ryan)
  • Chris Rose
    Multi-instrumentalist Chris Rose. (MPR Photo / Nate Ryan)
  • Web of Sunsets
    Chris Rose (MPR Photo / Nate Ryan)

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