Interview: Andy Summers and Rob Giles of Circa Zero

rob giles andy summers live circa zero
Rob Giles and Andy Summers performing as Circa Zero. (courtesy the artists)
Circa Zero: Conversation with Andy Summers of The Police and Rob Giles
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When you say the name Andy Summers, most people think of The Police, one of the most successful rock groups of all time and through whom Summers would help define and refine the rock-guitar sound.

But as Summers tells The Current's Steve Seel, he's not one to trade on the past. In the decades since the Police, Summers has continued to make music, and has even parlayed his creative energies into writing and photography.

Now, Summers — together with singer and multi-instrumentalist Rob Giles — has launched a new band called Circa Zero.

Steve Seel talks to Summers and Giles about Circa Zero — including the rather humorous circumstances under which their debut album, Circus Hero, got its title.

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  • rob giles andy summers circa zero with yorick
    Rob Giles and Andy Summers of Circa Zero, together with Yorick from 'Hamlet'. (courtesy the artists)

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