Movie Maven: 'Transcendence'

johnny depp transcendence
Johnny Depp stars in 'Transcendence'. (Peter Mountain/Warner Bros. Pictures)
Movie Moven: 'Transcendence'
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MPR Movie Maven and Cube Critic Stephanie Curtis joins Steve Seel and Jill RIley to talk about a new sci-fi thriller starring Johnny Depp and directed by Wally Pfister. Transcendence also stars Paul Bettany, Rebecca Hall and Morgan Freeman.

The story centers on a genius scientist (Depp) who tries to build a computer that can think, and he calls the project "Transcendence." When Depp's character is shot, his brain is uploaded to a computer by his love interest (Hall), and he is effectively kept alive in digital form.

Stephanie calls Transcendence a "good old-fashioned science fiction film" and says it raises similar questions as the film Her; specifically, is a computer a sentient being one can connect with emotionally?

That said, Transcendence is not without its faults. Listen to the full review to hear more about it.

Transcendence is rated PG-13 and is screening in "theaters everywhere."

Transcendence, official trailer:

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