Eating and Drinking with Dara Moskowitz-Grumdahl: Bees

Dara talks about Bees for Eating and Drinking. (Wikimedia Commons / Ramon FVelasquez)
Eating and Drinking with Dara: Bees
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Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine's Dara Moskowitz-Grumdahl brings her extensive knowledge of the Midwest dining scene to Eating and Drinking.

This week Dara spoke to The Morning Show's Jill Riley and Steve Seel about bees and the upcoming Policy and a pint on the topic. She gave a brief overview of the pollinator crisis and some easy ways to help.

Dara Moskowitz-Grumdahl, veteran Twin Cities food and dining authority, is a five-time James Beard Award-Winning food writer who is also at Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine and author of Drink This: Wine Made Simple.

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