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Great Music Lives Here / Pride
Great Music Lives Here! (MPR Graphic)

To celebrate Pride this weekend, were asking you to send in your favorite Pride anthems, and this weekend we'll play the best suggestions to make your soundtrack for the Twin Cities Pride festival.

What's a Pride anthem? There's no set criteria, it's about you. So whether you want to hear something by Gloria Gaynor, or "Gloria" by Patti Smith, let us know in the comments and we'll build a great soundtrack for the weekend!

Of course there won't be any shortage of music at Twin Cities Pride this weekend — live music line-up is quite comprehensive, including a performance by Thelma Houston — but if you're not catching a live show, we hope you'll listen with us!

Find us at Pride! The Current will have a tent at the main festivities, and you can buy a shirt with the "Great Music Lives Here" in rainbow colors like the image above..

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