Courtney Barnett performs live in The Current studio

Courtney Barnett performs "History Eraser" live in The Current studios. (MPR Video / Nate Ryan)
Courtney Barnett In-studio
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  • Courtney Barnett In-studio 23:06
  • Courtney Barnett - Avant Gardener (Live on 89.3 The Current) 04:50
  • Courtney Barnett - Lance Jr. (Live on 89.3 The Current) 03:12
  • Courtney Barnett - History Eraser (Live on 89.3 The Current) 03:38
Courtney Barnett and Dave Mudie
Courtney Barnett with drummer Dave Mudie in The Current studio. (MPR / Nate Ryan)

It's been two and a half years since Courtney Barnett finished writing her breakout single, "Avant Gardener," on a beach three hours from her hometown of Melbourne, Australia. When Mark Wheat asked if someone told her two years ago that she'd be touring the world in support of its success, she admits that she would have found it to be a complete joke.

Courtney Barnett and Bones Sloane
Courtney Barnett and bassist Bones Sloane performing live in The Current studio. (MPR / Nate Ryan)

Performing as a trio with bassist Bones Sloane and drummer Dave Mudie, Courtney Barnett and the Courtney Barnetts (yes, that's how they're billed on band merch) have toured three continents since early March. Tonight she makes her Minnesota debut to a sold out crowd at the Varsity Theater with opening act Benjamin Booker.

Courtney Barnett
Courtney Barnett performing "Avant Gardener" live in The Current studio. (MPR / Nate Ryan)

Barnett reveals that she and the band have finished recording the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas. After touring with Billy Bragg Down Under, the forthcoming album recording wrapped the day before the trio flew to Indio, Calif., to play Coachella.

Courtney Barnett
Courtney Barnett in The Current studio. (MPR / Nate Ryan)

Listen to the whole in-studio session to hear Mark Wheat chat with Courtney about the many references in her charming, quirky lyrics, what it was like being on the road with Billy Bragg, and her take on Aussie Tim Cahill's goal in the World Cup match against the Netherlands.

Bones Sloane
Bassist Bones Sloane performing live in The Current studio with Courtney Barnett. (MPR / Nate Ryan)

Songs Performed

Courtney Barnett
Courtney Barnett's left-handed Fender Telecaster. (MPR / Nate Ryan)

"Avant Gardener"
"Lance Jr."
"History Eraser"

All songs are off Courtney Barnett's latest record, A Sea of Split Peas, out now on Milk!/Marathon/Mom + Pop.

Hosted by Mark Wheat
Produced by Jade
Engineered by Michael DeMark

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