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Video Premiere: Father You See Queen’s “Oceans 3D”

by Jay Gabler

July 07, 2014

Father You See Queen—a duo who are among a group of Minnesota artists making experimental but accessible music, wrote the Current's Andrea Swensson in 2012—have joined with New York video artist Maria Juranic to create a new video for their song "Ocean" (from their 47 EP). We're proud to premiere this 3D video, which was funded via Kickstarter.

To experience the video below in 3D, you'll need either a 3D-enabled screen (turn 3D on via the settings menu, which you can access by hovering over the video's lower-right corner when you're viewing the video on YouTube) or a pair of classic blue-and-red 3D glasses (choose red/cyan in 3D viewing mode under the same menu). Alternately, you can just use that setting to turn the 3D off—it still looks great in 2D.

"The story is influenced by a comic I used to read when I was younger, called Jeremiah, explained Juranic in the Kickstarter video. "It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world [...] In one particular issue, I remember seeing a person kept prisoner in another person's living room behind bars, but what I took from that is the need to understand why we want to keep anything in captivity or to own anything."

Father You See Queen, now comprising musician/producer MAKR (Mark McGee) and musician/vocalist MONA, promise a new album this coming winter, with another video to be released this fall.

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